B.A. in Behavioral Health – Coaching


Academic Major

Core requirements accumulate to 30 credits, 15 credits of Biblical and Theological Studies and 8 credits of science courses.

(Pr) indicates a prerequisite
(Co) indicates a co-requisite

CourseCourse NameCreditsPrerequisites
PSY 202General Psychology3
PSY 210Statistics for Behavioral Studies3
PSY 212Research Methods3PSY 210 (Pr)
PSY 312Human Development3
PSY 322Abnormal Psychology3PSY 202 (Pr)
PSY 400Human Sexuality3PSY 312 (Pr)
PSY 497Internship^3
BEH 490Behavioral Health Capstone3
PSY 310Introduction to Sport Psychology3PSY 202 (Pr)
PSY 311Principles of Counseling3
PSY 313Principles of Coaching3
PSY 330Group Dynamics3
PSY____Psychology Elective3
PSY____Psychology Elective3