The ACU Library is committed to developing Christian minds. That’s why librarians Sean McNulty and Rob Oliverio strive to provide resources and research help to support the studies of ACU students, faculty, staff, and administrators — but also alumni, pastors, missionaries, and other community members. With a growing collection of 25,000 physical books and 20,000 eBooks and access to thousands of journals and magazines, the ACU Library covers the information needs of the university and its community. But no one has to be alone in this vast sea of information; Sean and Rob gladly guide people in their research.

Besides offering personal research help, Sean and Rob also create Pathfinders to highlight important resources on specific topics. These online research tools can be used by anybody. Pathfinders may address certain classes at ACU; but some aim at wider, practical issues like “How to Write in College” or “How to Read Better and Faster.” Some Pathfinders emphasize what is unique to the Christian college experience: the connection of a Christian worldview with all of life. To illustrate, the “Business and Christianity” Pathfinder displays resources on how a Christian should do business. The “Christianity and Worldviews” Pathfinder lists resources on Christian and non-Christian worldviews so that one can understand today’s postmodern and pluralistic world (as well as the past). Finally, the “How to Develop a Christian Mind” Pathfinder presents books, DVDs, and websites that encourage critical thinking and engagement with the challenges of today’s culture and intellectual matters. Explore these and other resources through the ACU Library and see how we transform culture with truth.