To some, the future looms on the horizon, yet never comes. For me, I’m excited to see what the future holds. My experience at ACU has been pivotal for me, not only for my spiritual growth, but for my professional growth as well. The communications department at ACU is phenomenal, and I would personally like to thank Dr. Creasman for all of his hard work during my time here. He is by far one of the most hardworking, caring and helpful professors I have had in my seven years of college. No I’m not a doctor — I took the long way in college unfortunately. But, despite all my pitfalls, ACU has been able to build me up.

This university has not only prepared me for a career, but has also encouraged me to walk more closely with Christ and spread His word. ACU has ignited a fire under me and begun a thirst in me to want and know Christ more. I’ve been to several colleges — some small, some huge — but I can easily say that this place has been my favorite by far. I love you, ACU and all of you who are part of it. It is going to be tough to leave you, but oh so sweet to graduate. Praise God.

Romans 1:16