Sometimes homework can wait until tomorrow. But eventually procrastination piles on the pressure to get things done. Save some stress by following these strategies to raise motivation and avoid procrastination.

1. Create an assignment calendar. Take a monthly calendar and write or type in when graded assignments (papers, projects, etc.) are due. Then add in quiz and test dates. As a result, you’ll have a coordinated schedule of your classes’ most important dates. This time-management tool makes it easier to look ahead for looming deadlines and busy weeks. Assignment calendars can motivate you to start homework sooner.

2. Take the “divide-and-conquer” approach to homework. Break large projects, papers, and readings into smaller parts. Set doable study goals based on the task at hand and the time you have. Ask yourself, “What can I get done within this hour?” and realize that small accomplishments eventually lead to a big accomplishment. Keeping a checklist of these can be even more motivating.

3. Reward yourself. Do something fun for completing your study goals. Take the time to work on homework and make the necessary progress. Then enjoy your free time without regret.

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