Time is flying and graduation is approaching for the adult students in the Degree Completion Program at ACU. I asked a few students to reflect on their experience completing their Bachelor’s degree in our evening program. Here is the first. Diana waited 40 years to complete her degree.

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Dr. Ellis

“When I received an Associate’s Degree in Business in the middle 70’s, I told myself then I would eventually pursue my Bachelor’s Degree. I just didn’t think it would be another 40 years before that would happen. Although I’ve been a lifelong student by continuing in classes and self-study, the path to degree completion eluded me. Several times during these years I met with college personnel at both state and private colleges to discuss a completion plan and each time left discouraged. I had worked very hard to earn my first degree, but it seemed the 90+ credits lacked credibility!

“In the fall of 2011I found myself once again acquiescing to my nagging desire of attaining my goal and researching my options. That’s when I found out about the Adult Completion Program at ACU. It took only one meeting with the Director for me to feel this was just the right fit! The class schedules and workload have been doable while I’ve worked a full-time job. Being with like-minded Christian adults who share the same educational goal has been very rewarding. Although I love my current work position as a school registrar and assistant, my degree will allow me to assist in classroom teaching and make me a more valuable part of the administrative staff. Most importantly, this program has enabled me to achieve my lifelong goal and eliminate regret I may have had by not achieving it. I am very thankful to the administrators and professors who made this possible.”


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