As our season was coming to a close, my teammates and I wanted to leave a mark on the year that had little to do with basketball. We were spending a long weekend in the Los Angeles area and would be spending a Sunday away from our families; that is to say, away from our Arizona families. It not a secret that the parents of senior guard, Jessica Largo, are the women’s basketball #1 fans! They attended games far and wide. So we decided to give back a little. We attended their small, family church. The pastor also asked if any of us would like to give our testimony, to which Largo and I accepted.

The small group in attendence was greatly intrigued by our stories and even came to get to know me better! Singing straight from aged hymn books followed, which is something I had never experienced. After service, the 7 remaining Firestorm ladies aided cooks outside. We got down and dirty (seen in picture) and handmade Indian Fry Bread for the congregation. Though some were misshapen or not the correct size, they still made great Indian Tacos! Although, the professionals didn’t withhold their laughter at our struggles.

This was a great way to close a long and stressful season. In the end we must realize that God is our number one focus. As much as we love the game of basketball, The Lord only wants us to give the Glory to Him, and be awesome representations of His power and love, on and off the court.