Have you ever been to the library and seen those people carrying a stack of books that towers above their head? I’ll willingly admit I’ve been one of those people, literally. (Please don’t fault me–I’m a nerd. It’s okay.) This time of year, every college student feels like a juggler who has too much on the plate they are carrying.

It’s the first week of November, and students are starting to realize that their major projects, papers, and general assignments will be due very shortly. For me, reality has crashed hard in the last 24 hours and I’m feeling the pressure to get a lot done. A video,  a couple of six page papers, a research assignment, and the upcoming stresses of student teaching are all on my plate. That doesn’t account for three part time jobs and a social life thrown into the mix! AAAHHHH!!!

It’s okay, fellow students. You can scream with me. Get up and do some pacing. Maybe do some jumping jacks or cry.

Now, get up and take a deep breath. In, hold it, out. Repeat. Breathing should help. But know what’s the biggest help? REMEMBER THAT YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!

I wish I had a super spiritual thought here, but I don’t. But just the fact that Jesus is with me is comforting. My life is nowhere near as stressful as living three years with the impending doom of the cross. The demands upon my time are minuscule in comparison to those of the Creator of the Universe. He understands pressure perfectly, and He wants to help.

So while you are practicing your breathing, invite Him into your busy schedule. Open your hands and give him all the papers, tests, projects, arguments, whatever. Surrender. Then open your eyes and smile at the next person you see. I’m surprised how motivated I feel all of a sudden.

Keep up the hard work! Persistence pays off.
Your sister,