I was never more excited to step into the classroom then I was yesterday. Education majors are expected to complete observation hours for their upper division classes, and yesterday was my first time doing so this year. It was definitely the highlight of my day.

I don’t know why I was so excited to visit the sixth graders at Palomino yesterday. I just know it was a huge blessing from my gracious Father. Just about a month ago I was teaching middle school students in Hong Kong. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I never had the thought of changing my major, but I was discouraged and frustrated and disillusioned. So it was quite a shock to me that I was so excited to be back in a classroom and teaching students again.

Then I realized that it was a special gift from Father. I learned so much teaching oversees, and truly did love my students. I am more confident in a classroom now, more experienced, and know my weaknesses and areas to improve. Secondly, my excitement being in the classroom served to confirm my decision to be a teacher. At times it will be hard work, but I know it is worthwhile and what Im meant to do. It was like getting a huge breath of fresh air after being submerged under water for a very long time.

I must also confess that students can be really funny. They always make me smile! One of my students very clearly pointed out to me that “You’re tall.” Maybe I didn’t know this fact about myself. I had to smile at her bluntness and agree. Yes, I am tall. I do look in the mirror daily. Maybe next week I’ll wear flats and still be tall!

My renewed love of being in the classroom was a clear gift from Father. What gift has He given you this week? Maybe it’s your favorite song on the radio. Or receiving flowers from a beloved brother who recently moved out of town. Maybe it’s rediscovering a passion like I did. Whatever it is, thank Him for our many blessings. I know I am!

Your sister in Christ,