As I walked in the door, I noticed the brown circular balls sitting on a tray. “Doughnut holes!” was my instant first thought. College students are always thinking about food. I flashed my student ID to check in for chapel, and headed for the table. The balls seemed a rather weird color and texture to be doughnut holes, but anything free is exciting news in my life.  I approached Karen, the new Director of Student Life, who was holding the tray of the round, brown objects. “Balls of clay,” she called out. “Every student gets one!”

I took my ball of clay and proceeded to sit next to my friends for chapel. The theme this year is “I AM changes who i am.” Dr.  Damore, the Provost, explained that God is shaping and changing us just like a potter who works his clay. (Jeremiah 18) Then, class by class, representatives of the administration and faculty prayed over the student body. I proudly stood with the other members of the class of 2013!

After chapel, school resumed normally. Students talked with their friends in the hallways, walked to class, and groaned about the homework already assigned. As I write this, I already have reading and response questions due by Thursday. This is normal life here at Arizona Christian University.

I have decided, however, that this year-even if it is very normal- is going to be an adventure. God has richly blessed me this summer and continues to do so here at this school. My friends and I have crazy dreams about Senior pictures and road trips. Next semester, I will be the teacher in charge of 25 or more sixth graders as I do my student teaching. Along with this, I am attempting to determine what my life will hold next year as I follow His narrow pathway.

I encourage you to join me on this adventure by reading these weekly blogs. I hope you will read, laugh, grimace, and maybe cry as we watch how God fashions this piece of clay that I am. I AM changes who I am… Are you willing to see what He does?

Your sister in Christ,