Dual Enrollment Applicants

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is a program in which high school students earn both high school and college credit for courses they have to take anyway.

What courses are eligible for dual enrollment?

Courses are selected based upon course content and instructor credentials and will vary from high school to high school. Usually, courses selected fulfill general education requirements in the ACU course catalog.

How does my student earn college credit for a high school course?

ACU certifies that the content of the high school course matches the syllabus for a particular course at ACU. Then, the instructor’s credentials are verified, ensuring that he or she would be eligible to teach a similar course at the university. Upon completion of the course, the student is eligible to receive an ACU transcript, listing college courses for which he or she has received credit.

What if my child attends a university other than Arizona Christian University?

Because courses offered generally fulfill university general education requirements, credits are transferrable to other universities as well. It would be just as if your student transferred from one university to another – he or she would simply request that a copy of the transcript be sent to the institution he or she wishes to attend.

How do I request a transcript from Arizona Christian University?

Transcripts can be requested through the ACU website. Please note, because grades are issued by the high school, ACU cannot issue a transcript until the university has received the final grades from the high school.

How do I register for a dual enrollment course?

Eligible students register for dual enrollment courses through the ACU website. Students will pay a $10 registration fee at the time of application and will be billed by the ACU Business Office for the remainder of their balance. Remember, students should only register for courses in which they are actually enrolled at their high school campus.


Registration deadline for 2014-2015 Dual Enrollment:

Friday, September 24, 2015