Off Campus Study Programs

Arizona Christian University is an affiliate member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).  Through this relationship, students are able to participate in the Best Semester student programs below upon application and acceptance. The programs offer a unique opportunity for students to enhance their educational experience through off-campus, interdisciplinary learning opportunities. For further information on the Best Semester student programs visit the CCCU Student Programs website at

Off-campus study programs are available to juniors and seniors who have enrolled full-time at ACU during the semester immediately preceding the semester of the off-campus study program and who have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher. Travel is usually done during breaks in the school year so as not to interfere with students’ academic progress. Additional fees such as airline tickets, meals, group transportation, accommodations, travel and health insurance, excursions and other course related costs apply.

Read “Off Campus Study Programs” in the Arizona Christian University 2015-2016 Catalog for more details.

Interested in an off campus study program? Speak with your faculty advisor to get started!


Australia Studies Centre

The Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is located just southeast of the beautifully diverse city of Brisbane at Christian Heritage College (CHC). With its near-perfect climate and population of 1.8 million, Brisbane is a flourishing river city filled with ferries, bridges, Queensland architecture and art installations like nowhere else in the world. Adventure ready; you’ll be off exploring iconic destinations like the Sunshine Coast, the Scenic Rim and Fraser Island, just to name a few.

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Costa Rica Latin American Studies Program

Arriving in Costa Rica, you sense there’s a bigger picture than just the scenery. You are about to be immersed into the diversity of Latin America’s history. You’ll step into a contemporary society rooted in tradition with people who are sincere and accepting. Live in San José. Journey to Nicaragua for a week and a half. Walk the vibrant roads of Limón and Puerto Viejo. Travel not as a tourist, but as an ambassador to this complex culture.

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Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, you feel like a lost child in a toy store. Then you think, “That’s no a bad idea for a short film.” You sprint to the Metro and ride through a city of sky-scraping palm trees, premieres and dreams. You arrive back at the L.A. Film Studies Center (LAFSC) located on Wilshire Boulevard. You rush to share your new idea with your professor and 45 talented peers who’ll be making movie magic by your side.

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Middle East Studies Program

Located in sub-tropical Southeastern China, Xiamen University is surrounded by a modern progressive city and the South China Sea. Here elegant buildings glean from the ancient beauty of Chinese temples, and lush landscapes provide the setting as you study after class. Generosity and obligation, sweet and sour, activity and passivity are all opposites that complement each other and exemplify a Chinese life lived in dynamic balance.

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Contemporary Music Center

The Contemporary Music Center (CMC) in Nashville offers you a front-row ticket to the music industry. When you arrive, the CMC team will make sure you know all of Nashville’s ins and outs. You’s walk the halls of a publishing house, visit a modern recording studio and tour a sound stage. Meet with a working songwriter, producer, engineer and music arranger to get a taste of the working life in the musical metropolis. Put it all together at the Hardscuffle Building, where world-class equipment waits for your God- given talents.

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Oxford Scholars’ Semester

As a student in the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO), you are an official member of Wycliffe Hall and a Registered Visiting Student of the University of Oxford (a privilege for very few visiting students). This is your access point to a 900-year history, world-recognized academic excellence and 119 libraries, with their 11 million books and outstanding electronic resources.

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Oxford Summer Programme

You’re walking down cobblestone streets between centuries-old buildings that have produced some of the greatest minds in history. Legendary spires are silhouetted by the sun. Your first tutorial with an Oxford academic is just footsteps away. In your month-long Oxford Summer Programme (OSP), you’ll journey to astonishing places. With all that could ignite your intellectual imagination, nothing will compare to the vast collection of scholarly resources available to you. Dine, laugh and study among your Oxonian peers and tutors in the “city of the dreaming spires.”

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Uganda Studies Program

Chat with classmates on campus at Uganda Christian University (UCU) as you munch on a “rolex” (a local snack of eggs and Chapati). Just 15 miles from the capital city of Kampala, Mukono offers USP students the opportunity to participate in Ugandan culture. All students take part in homestay experiences, which are described as unforgettable. Along with trips throughout Uganda, venture on an eye-opening 10-day excursion to Rwanda.

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Washington DC American Studies Program

The American Studies Program (ASP) in Washington, D.C. connects you and your faith to the institutions and leaders who are impacting issues in public policy and global development. You are independent, but not alone. Future politician or not, you will nurture the leader within during your experience in ASP. As the plane begins to make its final approach to Reagan National, you’re given your first tour of our nation’s capital. Hop on the Metro, cross the Potomac and you’re here, surrounded by national landmarks. You’re just minutes away from the American Studies Program (ASP) living and learning facility in D.C.’s quaint CAPITOL HILL neighborhood. You’re now 25 blocks from where the President puts on his shoes and just eight blocks from the Capitol building.

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