Al Fadi, M.S.

Bible Professor, Business Professor

(602) 489-5300
[email protected]


M.S. in Engineering
M.Div. in Biblical Communication
Certificate in Islamic Apologetics from the Pfander Center for Apologetics in England


Al Fadi, a former Muslim. He is the founder and director of CIRA INTERNATIONAL (the Center for Islamic Research & Awareness), which is focused on Christian-Muslim Relations by bringing awareness to the Western community concerning issues related to Islam and radical Islamic terrorism, and training and equipping the Western community leaders on effective bridge building and connection with the Muslim communities, through the use of personal training seminars, online workshops, and global media lectures, podcasts, and videos.

Since its inception in 2010, CIRA INTERNATIONAL had the privilege of training thousands of Christians at churches, para-church organizations, and various Christian Colleges & Seminaries.


Al Fadi is the host of a popular radio show called “Let Us Reason, a Christian – Muslim Dialogue with Al Fadi”. He also hosts numerous Arabic & English Satellite TV programs that air in the Middle East and via the internet. In addition, Al Fadi is a frequent guest on various media outlets, such as and other Radio & TV shows. He is a guest lecturer and visiting adjunct at a number of Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and other special interest groups to teach on topics related to Islam, Apologetics, Middle East relations, and Radical Islamic Terrorism, and Sharia Law.


The Qur’an Dilemma Book
The Must Know Guide to the Qur’an for the Western World eBook