Pre Law

Academic Program

Pre-Law Resources

Application Process

  1. Review the LSAC website and create an account
  2. Register for the LSAT
  3. LSAT Preparation Course (See below)
  4. Register for the LSAC Credential Assembly Service
  5. Application preparation
  6. Application Submission

LSAT Prep Courses

  1. Law School Admissions Council
  2. KaplanTest Prep – Kaplan generously provides ACU students with special rates. Please contact faculty advisors to the ACU Pre-Law Society for more information.
  3. The Princeton Review
  4. TestMasters


No LSAT dates on schedule at this time.

Financing Legal Education

  1. Financial Aid Overview
  2. Perspective on law school debt and the developing legal job market
  3. Grants and Scholarships – The federal government generally does not provide grants for graduate students.  Further, there are very few private or state funded scholarships or grants for law students.  Most scholarships that are available are merit based and are awarded on a school by school basis.  Schools heavily way undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores when awarding such scholarships.  Additionally, diversity is often considered when awarding such scholarships.  Often, the continuation of the scholarship for all three years of law school is conditioned upon performance during law school.

Pre-Law at Arizona Christian University

ACU has successfully prepared students to attend such prestigious law schools as Harvard Law School, University of Virginia College of Law, the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, and others. Students planning to attend law school after their undergraduate studies are encouraged to develop analytical skills, critical thinking, writing skills, and a broad liberal arts education through ACU’s various liberal arts and ministry degree programs. Because admission to law school is highly competitive, additional courses are recommended to help prepare students for application to law school. Pre-Law is not a major at ACU, but instead students are encouraged to complete coursework that strategically prepares them for success in the study of law. This selection of courses will depend on a student’s major and should be made in consultation with the academic advisors and pre-law advisor. Typically, pre-law students choose majors that provide rigorous training required by law schools, including political science, biblical studies, and others. Students often augment their major coursework with courses from business law, behavioral studies, economics, history, logic, psychology or political science.

Students can also complete a pre-law emphasis – a sequence of political science (POL) courses designed to introduce them to the study of law. Three POL courses fulfill pre-law emphasis requirements: POL 230: Law and Politics, POL 326: Supreme Court and the Constitution, and POL 465: Constitutional Law. Students should consult with their academic advisor when selecting these or other courses to fulfill the pre-law emphasis requirements.

Because law schools typically look at more than academics in the selection process, students are encouraged to gain extracurricular, community, or leadership experience before applying to law school. Students can participate in a wide variety of activities, including volunteering with community agencies, legal internships, and relevant work experiences. Students interested in law as a career can participate in the ACU Pre-Law Society, a student-led organization that provides a wide range of events throughout the academic year. The ACU Pre-Law society sponsors campus-wide events focusing on contemporary legal issues, as well as opportunities for pre-law students interact and network with practicing attorneys. Also, ACU provides a number of resources to students who desire to pursue a legal career or attend law school – including LSAT advising and preparation, pre-law academic advising, and assistance during the law school application process. ACU Pre-Law students are able to consult with recent graduates who go on to attend these law schools. For additional information about pre-professional programs contact the Admissions Advising Center, advisors to the Pre-Law Society, or your academic advisor.

Pre-Law Advising

In addition to the academic advising, students interested in a legal career may consult with advisors to the ACU Pre-Law Society for more information. Through the ACU Pre-Law Society, students also can interact with volunteer attorneys, who can offer advice ranging from answering questions regarding the law school admission process to weighing whether a legal career is right for the student.

For pre-law advising, contact Prof. Tom Campbell at [email protected] or [email protected].