On September 17, ACU students gathered on campus to celebrate Constitution Day. 

Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine brave men on September 17, 1787, recognizing all who are born in the U.S. or by naturalization have become citizens.

Hosted by ACU’s chapter of Turning Point USA, the event included a quiz game about American and Constitutional history, a recitation of the constitution and bill of rights, a time of student-led prayer for our city, nation, leaders, and future leaders, and root beer floats!

“The goal of this event was to encourage and educate ACU students about the conservative biblical principles embedded in the Constitution since its founding so that the leaders of tomorrow will recognize that they are ultimately accountable to Jesus Christ,” said Damian Sandoval, President of the Turning Point USA chapter at ACU. “It was also important for us to come together in prayer for our nation’s leaders and to reflect on the blessings we enjoy living in the greatest country in the world.”