ACU’s inaugural Exploration Study Abroad trip just returned from Greece, exploring ancient cities such as Athens, Meteora, Delphi and Corinth, and visiting places that the Apostle Paul walked. This faculty-led trip was 10 days long and covered the beautiful landscape of Greece, while the students studied themes of truth, beauty, justice, and goodness in light of local, global, and modern culture. This trip was a life changing experience for our students and ACU hopes the study abroad program will continue to grow and thrive as we add new destinations in the future.

“The Exploration Study trip to Greece has impacted my life in such a meaningful way. It was a great opportunity to grow alongside peers and learn in a completely new environment. It stretched me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, embracing the Greek culture and all it has to offer. I have always had a heart for travel, and this was such special experience to travel with those who mean so much to me!”

-Morgan Dichsen, Sophomore

“I learned about confidence and gained a sense of wonder. I never would have imagined that I would feel so comfortable in my own skin, that I would walk around a foreign city and go exploring, sometimes all on my own. I experienced so many new things, but I know there’s so much more out in the world to learn and do. This trip has pricked my spirit to continue to explore the world.” –Halle Switzer, Junior

In May of 2020 our second Exploration Study will be traveling to Paris and Berlin led by Dr. Tracy Munsil. Students will be able to spend 10 days, immersed in the culture of western Europe, and learning about the time period from 1900 to present.