A Historic Day at ACU

A record number of students, faculty, staff and special friends gathered at our Events Center on September 26th to celebrate what God has done in bringing ACU to this new (yet historic) campus.

Prayers of dedication were offered from students, faculty, staff and members of the Board of Trustees. A special welcome was offered by Glendale Mayor, Jerry Weiers.

During his dedication message, President Len Munsil stated, “We know what God is doing at ACU is so much bigger than a university. We want to see ACU become a beachhead of hope, of clear thinking and a training ground for generations of well-educated and courageous Christian leaders who will boldly transform culture with God’s truth.”

If you were not able to attend the Campus Dedication Chapel, view a short recap of the events in the video below.

VIP Tours

We invite you to visit our historic campus for a VIP tour.