Eight Arizona Christian University seniors presented their capstone projects and showcased personal research in the areas of Psychology, Family Studies, and Behavioral Health at the inaugural Behavioral and Social Sciences Symposium on Friday, Dec. 1.

Each of the Psychology students presented original research on topics related to psychology, including Coaching Behavior and Self-Perception of Performance, Team Cohesion, and the Correlation between Birth Order and Self-Esteem. Family Studies students presented a short lesson from the 6-week curriculum they developed to demonstrate their skills and knowledge as family life educators. Finally, one Behavior Health student presented a poster representing their original approach to counseling, entitled “The Guiding Light Theory”.

“Behind each of these presentations are hours and hours of hard work, and original, critical thinking. These presentations are not only contributing to our edification as we learn from these students, from the knowledge that they have acquired and the processes that they are presenting, but additionally, these presentations are part of the ongoing professional and academic conversation on each of the topics,” says Dr. Carolyn Pela, Department Chair of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Class of 2017-2018 Presenters:
Megan Ferson
Bobby Gray
Leah Marcusen
Tiffany Mooney
Lindsey Payton
Darian Ross
Luka Stanivukovic
Samuel Strate

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