Arizona Christian University honored senior Communication majors who selected film as their area of emphasis at Tuesday’s 3rd Annual Firestorm Film Festival. The showcased films included Who’s There by Justin Meier, The Phantom Freeway by Brandon Vogt, and Like Me by Angelica Webb.


Who’s There: A teenage girl is home alone at night. Her mother and sister are gone and she hears knocking outside her door. She doesn’t think much of the knock outside until, she fears someone is in the house.

The Phantom Freeway: Four friends embark on a road trip to strengthen their friendship. They travel on the road at a brisk pace, but an unexpected disruption halts their progress cross-country. With the sudden change in plans, there is turmoil within the group. They all begin to evaluate who they really want to be friends with and who they can trust in the process.

Like Me: Twin brothers look the same but are extremely different on the inside. Kane cares too much and his twin brother Andrew doesn’t care at all. One day Kane finds out some disturbing news about his twin brother Andrew. Will Kane exploit his twin brother Andrew and reveal his secrets to his new fiancé, Cassie, which could potentially ruin Andrew’s life forever, or will Kane simply let it go?


The “Sparkie Awards”, presented after the film viewings, recognized the following six areas in film making:

Get a Grip (behind-the-camera): Marty Janzen – The Phantom Freeway

Best Screenplay: Alyssa Bond – Like Me

Best Music: Stephen Perry – The Phantom Freeway

Best Acting: Anaka Alvarez – Who’s There

Best Director: Justin Meier – Who’s There

Best Picture: Who’s There

Thank you to the following event sponsors: Pure Flix Entertainment LLC, Medical Marketing Solutions LLC, Abbott Fine Properties, Wild Rose Investments LLLP, Loeffler Realty, Original Breakfast House, and the generosity of many private ACU donors.