Faith is a gift from God activated by the power of the Holy Spirit. Faith is the foundation of why we believe as we do. Faith coincides with prayer, belief, and understanding God’s goodness. Faith is important in our relationships and the fabric of our nation. Unfortunately, people have detoured from that foundation. And no doubt, we do the same in our lives.

But, I am trusting in God, and allowing faith to work inside of me. If our faith is weak, Satan will bring disarray and destruction occurs. As a nation, we must love thy neighbor and stay strong in our faith. Faith is not just praying, but it is giving yourself over to our Lord and savior. Faith changes everything, it changes your outlook and it changes your life. Faith is having a positive attitude about what you can do and not worry about what you can’t do. I know faith has served me well in my life. Some nights before I go to bed I talk with God and pray. I thank him for all of the blessings he has granted me. When I sit and reflect on my life I know that it is only by faith that God that has brought me this far. Faith isn’t something that is easily obtainable. I will tell you, it requires more practice than one would think. Sometimes people struggle with true faith and believing in God because life circumstances seem so challenging. The world can be deceiving.

About five years ago, I heard this quote that said, “Just because you can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.” When I read that for the first time it gave me chills. When I think about my journey and look back on everything that I have overcome I recognize just how much my faith has actually grown in God. Since I was a kid, I would dream of making it to the NFL and playing professional football. But that road has had a lot of detours. Over the last couple of years, my life has taken many directions some good and some bad but I know that every time it seemed I was in a bad situation or a jam – I would pray on it and ask God to help.

My life has been rocky leading up to this point, but now things are different, I am heading into my senior season of college football with the opportunity of a lifetime lying in front of me. I will be graduating soon and becoming the first person in my family to earn a college degree. The fact that I’ve made it this far speaks volumes as to how amazing God is. My faith in him has brought me farther than I could have ever imagined. I pray that everyone has faith in God and that he is always with us and not against us. Even in the darkest of times he is right there working with us behind the scenes and I am a living witness

Dear God, Thank you!

Robert E. Harding III