Emotions ran high as a wealthy businessman from Queens, New York achieved the impossible. Apart from any political or military experience, Donald J. Trump gripped the hearts of blue-collar workers nationwide, rising to become the 45th president of the United States. While some boasted of their candidate’s unexpected victory, others lamented the collapse of their cosmopolitan vision. Amidst a sea of protest, accusation, and investigation, the 2016 election left a nation divided. While members of the left and right alike express concern, my own outlook differs. With great hope I look forward to the promises of the next four years under the new president.

Following Barack Obama’s two-term sweep, the need for political revitalization pressed my conscience. Already eight years deep in “progressive” policy, could another four solidify tones of “political correctness” and “tolerance”? Would we soon too reject private property, free opportunity, and boundaries among both the sexes and the nations? We could not afford to stumble. Not with crucial decisions in the Supreme Court, foreign affairs, and the US economy on the line. This was much more than a battle between two candidates. This was the battle for American identity.

Moreover, we could not indulge in political apathy as neither candidate fit our idealism. We had to act – not after four years, not after the welfare state self-destructs, and not only when we can vote “with a pure conscience”. Of course, especially for us millennials, we long to champion those who wholly exemplify our values. In fact, many vote for the unknown nominee so long as he/she best represents them. But, in a typical election, only one Republican and one Democrat hold a real chance. A clear choice was before us, and we had to set our idealism aside.

Still, some may reject Trump as a “true conservative”, and I cannot argue. In light of his first weeks in office, he has proven to be no enemy of trade regulation and executive order. However, many of his positions do align with conservatism–including lowered taxation, judicial restraint, and the defense of America first, even the unborn. Ultimately, Trump does not mirror traditional conservatives, but to claim that he threatens our entire ideology is simply mistaken. Clearly, he also stands out in his ability to reach the masses. For the first time in decades, a Republican had stolen electrifying support from typically “blue” bases. Ultimately, Donald Trump may have embodied the last hope in our lifetimes to push conservatism back into American politics. 

Nevertheless, whether or not I have encouraged you, let me offer this final insight. First and foremost, I believe in the power of God to work through man. Thus, regardless of our personal views, we must unite as a nation in prayer behind our new president. I recognize that many disagree with my stance, likely even my own peers. However, Romans 13 commands our submission to government, as the Lord Himself has positioned every leader in authority. So, if you fell victim to the heartache surrounding the 2016 election, here is my request: do not place your faith in Donald Trump. Do not rely on his vision for American politics. Rather, rely on God alone to restore the souls of the lost. Rely on God alone to direct our nation’s representatives. Rely on God alone to “make America great again”.