Growing up my Dad traveled a lot of my childhood; however he has been the most influential figure in my life in becoming a Christian. Some of my fondest memories as a young child is when my Dad would take my sister Emily and I to the golf course to hit some golf balls at sunset after school. Little did I know at the time these after school range sessions would be responsible for my becoming a colligate athlete, create a strong relationship with my Dad and an even stronger relationship with the one true God.

On the way to the course my Dad would sing songs with my sister and I in the car such as John 3:16, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and You are my Sunshine. My older sister would work closely with my Dad on her golf swing as I would chase the bunnies around, after we would get ice cream and proceed to sing more songs. These moments in my childhood were special because my Dad was a U.S. Marshal and traveled a lot for work, so any time I got with him was precious.

Later on in my life I ended up playing golf for Mesa Community College, this I could have never done without my Dad encouraging me and never letting me quit, he then helped me find Arizona Christian University where I now play golf. He has supported me all the way through college. Without those afternoon trips to the driving range, I would have never gone on to play in the Junior Golf Association of Arizona which let me to be one of the top four golfers in Arizona in 2012 where I was honored to play in the Girls Junior Americas Cup. Had I not had a close relationship with the game of golf I don’t know if I would have such a close relationship with my Dad. Because of that relationship my dad takes me to church every Sunday at St. Patrick’s Catholic Community, it is there I learned about Jesus Christ who saved me. My Dad sacrificed a lot for our country and a lot for my sister and I and for that I am forever grateful. I had one of the best role models in him and I hope to be half that for my future children.

Sarah K