On April 14th, Arizona Christian University (ACU) presented Dr. James Dobson with the 5th Daniel Award for Courageous Public Faith in honor of his stand on behalf of the family. Because of Dr. Dobson’s work, thousands of marriages have been saved and strengthened and millions of children have been raised by parents who follow the teachings of Jesus. Dr. Dobson received this lifetime award at a banquet in his honor at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ with more than 500 people in attendance.

Dr. Dobson was accompanied by his wife, Shirley Dobson, who this year will be recognized for 25 years of service as Chairman of the National Day of Prayer. 

“Dr. James and Shirley Dobson are the kind of servant leaders we want to expose to our students. Our students want to serve. They want to transform culture with truth. This is the core mission of ACU and we are honored to present Dr. James and Shirley Dobson to our ACU family”, said President Len Munsil.

The banquet also featured a message from President Munsil regarding ACU’s vision for the future. He outlined the unique place the school holds in the academy of higher Christian education. “Arizona Christian University was created for such a time as this. Our mission and vision are clear and unique, and the necessity for education grounded in a biblical worldview could hardly be more obvious than it is today.”Dobson_Speaking-1

Dr. Dobson ended his speech filled with comical stories from his life, humility, and words of wisdom, with a personal endorsement of ACU. “I ask you to support this school. There are not very many out there that really do stand up for the things that we believe: the authenticity of the Bible, the principles that we read therein, many Christian schools have drifted away from it. And this is one that’s doing the best it can to hang in there with the traditional beliefs and understanding that your kids need to hear. If you believe that, support it.”

In conjunction with the 5th Daniel Award, President Munsil announced the launch of the Daniel Fund. Every person who supports the mission of ACU will be recognized as a contributing member of the Daniel Fund – people of ‘courageous public faith’, like the Daniel Award recipients. 

Other highlights included student testimonies and featured music from the popular ‘80s alumni group, The Chenaniah Singers.  

The ACU community is grateful for Dr. James Dobson and his example of steadfast faithfulness in his life and work, and for over 500 attendees who affirmed their commitment to the mission of Arizona Christian University.  


Arizona Christian University’s Daniel Award for Courageous Public Faith derives its name from the Old Testament example of Daniel and his willingness to defy an unjust decree and continue in public prayer. The award is given to individuals who have courageously stood for Jesus Christ and His truths within their sphere of influence. The Daniel Award was inaugurated at Arizona Christian University’s 50th anniversary celebration during the spring of 2011, and the first recipient was the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.