On Saturday, October 3, ACU students in Dr. Kezele’s BIO/BIB 385 Creation Apologetics class went to the Grand Canyon for a day of fun, fellowship, hiking, and learning. This is the second Grand Canyon trip Dr. Kezele has arranged for his ACU students, but thanks to feedback from students who went on the first trip, this time the trip included a hike down the world-famous Bright Angel Trail.

The all-day trip started at 6:30 a.m. when the group departed ACU and headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way, Jim Clarke (“resident geologist” for Arizona Origins Science Association) discussed several canyon formation theories and pointed out many interesting geologic features.

The group hiked three miles on the Bright Angel Trail, down to the 1½ mile rest house and back. Less than a mile down the trail, some of the Canyon’s majestic bighorn sheep made a surprise appearance. (Actual photo from the trip!)GC Story 3

On the trail, students saw pictographs and fossils (including tracks), with a lot of opportunities for photos. In the photo, Dr. Kezele and students examine fossil sponges and other fossils in the Kaibab Limestone.

After the hike, everyone stopped for ice cream at the Bright Angel Lodge Patio. Students had time to relax, shop, and further enjoy canyon views. On the way out of the Park, more wildlife came into view including several elk and deer.

GC Story 2

For one student, it was his first time to ever see the Grand Canyon. Here’s what some of the students (past and/or current) had to say about the trip:

“The best part about the trip was hiking around the rim. I learned a lot about rock formations!”

“Getting to see real evidence of the Flood.”

“The walking and the elk.”

“Seeing the canyon, the fellowship and worshipping God.”

Sound like fun? Don’t miss out – sign up for the Apologetics class this spring! Transportation and park entrance fees will be covered, so all you need is spending money, lunch and snacks, a light backpack/CamelBak, and some hiking boots or sturdy tennis shoes. Only those students enrolled in the Apologetics class can be guaranteed a seat on the bus on the next trip. Don’t wait — the Bright Angel Trail is waiting for you!

Contact Dr. Kezele for more information.