Arizona Christian University is pleased to announce a new partnership with Arizona State University to expand our academic offerings. The program allows students to take courses at ACU, then transfer and apply into ASU’s biology program.

The partnership will allow ACU students to take their first two years of classes at ACU, earning an associate’s degree from ACU and completing lower-level general studies requirements for ASU. The student can either stay at ACU to finish their bachelor’s degree in biology, or transfer to ASU, if they desire coursework in more specialized areas of biology such as forensics, ecology, genetics, or environmental science. Students who complete the partnership program will seamlessly transfer to ASU and be recognized as third-year students, without the loss of time or credit.

The new program takes advantage of the strengths offered by both universities.  The partnership is an example of how a smaller university can still provide its students with the educational opportunities offered by a major research university.  Paul Kremer, Provost at ACU, is enthusiastic about the new partnership and what it offers for students.

“Our faculty and staff have worked hard on this new expansion of ACU’s biology program. Students who want a private Christ-centered education can still have this experience while also having the option to pursue a specialized concentration in Biology,” said Kremer.

The new partnership reflects ACU’s commitment to offering a Christian education to more students while encouraging them to pursue their academic options and ASU’s commitment to expanding opportunities for students to participate in interdisciplinary scholarship and research.

Mark Searle, Provost at ASU, believes the program creates another opportunity for Arizona students to succeed. “Together, ACU and ASU can ensure that students have a pathway laid out that enables their success towards personal, educational, and career goals,” said Searle.

The program is open to all ACU students and will start enrolling students in the fall of 2015.  ACU students interested in the program should contact an ACU admissions counselor to discuss enrolling.

For more information about ACU’s Biology program, and to learn more about our new partnership with ASU, click here. 

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