Come hear one of the five most-requested speakers in the U.S. at Arizona Christian University! Starting this fall, Dr. Barry Asmus will be teaching a course at ACU based on his recent book, Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution.

Dr. Asmus’ Poverty of Nations class is an interdisciplinary elective based on his recent book,Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution, co-authored with Dr. Wayne Grudem. Students will consider the potential of free-market and Scriptural principles to bring about economic, social, and spiritual change in nations around the world.

The course focuses on the importance of personal freedom, the rule of law, private property, moral virtue, education, and biblical truth in promoting economic prosperity and safeguarding a country’s long-term stability. Students will investigate a variety of approaches — economic, political, cultural and spiritual — to address the problem of poverty around the world.

The course is taught by Dr. Barry Asmus, Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis, Dr. Asmus is an advocate of free market economics. A dynamic and engaging educator, he was named by USA Today as one of the five most requested speakers in the United States.

Dr. Asmus has been twice voted the Outstanding Professor of the Year and was also awarded the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge Award for Private Enterprise Education. Dr. Asmus recently traveled to various countries to speak with government leaders about free-market, low tax, protected property rights and free trade policies.

This course counts as an upper-division elective, and also can be counted as an economics (ECO) course.

$300 to Audit
$900 for Credit

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