By Karen Sumner

The community at ACU provides students with the opportunity to come out of their shells and develop quality character traits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Any community will force you to develop certain habits and attributes. If I were a part of the Arizona State University community, I would still be developing character traits related to my experience there. At ACU I am growing in hugely beneficial ways; I’m growing closer to Christ, closer to those around me, and I’m discovering how to influence the world after I graduate.

My greatest memory of impactful community at ACU was during the basketball intramural season my freshman year. Though we did not win the championship, that season gave me a push in relating to and caring for everyone around me. I talked with students I had never talked with before through playing basketball with them. Because of the fun and competitive spirit of basketball, now I can walk around campus and say hey to all the students I played with. I can relate to them, get to know them, and ask how they’re doing. Intramurals is one of the best enhancers of community at ACU.

However, intramurals is not the only reason why the community at ACU is top-notch. The combination of spiritual life and student life events creates a unique community experience. Chapel, small groups, basketball games, ultimate frisbee, Hunger Games week, ping pong in the residence hall, meals in the firepit, open mic nights, and everything in between acts as the best framework for a cohesive and influential student body. So please do not just stay home or sit in your dorm room. Be a part of the awesome community that is available to you. From one student to another – do not miss out!