The Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University has recently added a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries to the cohort program for working adults. This Christian Ministry program will begin alongside a Behavioral Health cohort on May 22, 2014.

The Christian Ministries degree is an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to work in a church setting or for a non-profit organization. The mix of Bible classes and practical ministry skill training is ideal for those who feel God’s call on their life toward ministry work or leadership.

All of the cohort members begin with courses that focus on worldview, writing, servant leadership and conflict resolution. These first three courses enable students to look at these subjects and issues through a biblical lens and learn the written communication, collaboration and teamwork skills that employers are seeking in today’s job market.

The Christian Ministries students will then be immersed in biblical training with courses such as Old Testament and Literature; Life and Teachings of Jesus; Pastoral Epistles; and Current Issues in Theology. On the practical application side, they will learn from courses such as Principles of Counseling; Foundations of Christian Education; and Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations.

All of the courses in the Christian Ministries cohort will build on the student’s skills and abilities to work in any youth, pastoral or missional ministry as well as train them to serve in a variety of ways in the workplace or to lead in any organizational setting.

The Behavioral Health cohort will look at all methods of counseling interventions and evaluate them through the lens of a biblical worldview. In taking courses such as Human Development; Theories of Counseling; and Addictions, students will be trained to work in a variety of job opportunities within the mental health community and be well prepared to pursue graduate work leading to licensure in counseling.

If you are interested in finishing your degree in Behavioral Health or Christian Ministries, don’t delay! Contact the Degree Completion Program staff today to find out how you can get plugged in to a cohort this May.

The Degree Completion Program is perfect for adults who have two or more years of college credit and at least two years of relevant work experience. Contact Lisa Beaman, Assistant Director of Degree Completion Program at 602-386-4118 to see how a DCP cohort can benefit you.

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