A group of ACU students were talking with a group of prospective students recently.  When asked the question, “What is your favorite thing about ACU?” a student responded with one word, “Community”.  The discussion continued as to what the students thought that meant or what part of the community did they like the most.  The answers included the student section at basketball games, any event including free food, life in the residence hall, events created for you by a group of your peers and much more. 

A definition of community may include a group of people living in the same place with something in common.  In my opinion, this type of community is the best part of college life.  My office was recently moved to the residence hall so I get to experience the community of life together on a daily basis.  College is an amazing time to live with people, have your best friends right down the hall, play ping pong for hours on end, and always have someone to join you on a late night run to Chick-fil-a (a personal favorite).  

Another definition of community includes a feeling of fellowship with others who have shared beliefs and attitudes.  At breakfast this morning, a group of students were talking about the benefits of a covenant school like ACU where all the students agree on a shared statement of beliefs versus a different type of higher education where the student body would include non-believers.  The general consensus at the table was that a community like ACU, where all students claim to have shared beliefs and attitudes, is a wonderful community to grow in Christ and prepare to spread the gospel to the world. 

I have to agree with the student panel.  The community at ACU is pretty incredible!