We have a high calling of loving God with all our hearts and expressing that love through pursuing excellence in everything we do for God’s glory. With that said, we all can get tired and discouraged. Scripture reminds us in Philippians 1:6 that we did not start this work but God initiated it and He will finish it. God’s vision is much bigger than our personal sanctification but a partnership in the gospel. This partnership transforms us in our worship of God as King, shapes our worldview of His kingdom coming on earth and compels our work to transform culture with His truth. God does not procrastinate or get an incomplete on this assignment. He is actively participating in our lives, our university and in our world. Our role is to remain sensitive to His leading and endure with confident expectation that what God started in us is moving towards completion on the Day of Christ Jesus.

Along the way we can hear the Spirit’s encouragement to endure and excel. Many of us long to hear the words of our Master at the end of our service say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. I believe that Jesus does not hold back his words of affection and affirmation but if we quiet ourselves, He is speaking. Practice His Presence even now. Allow Him to show you areas on your journey where by His grace you have been good and faithful. Listen to Him say, “Well done” and see His happy countenance. We will make it through tomorrow because God is King today.