Returning to college as an adult can seem like an overwhelming challenge. Yet this is a challenge that Arizona Christian University is excited to embrace. The Degree Completion Program (DCP) takes into account the busy schedules of adults that already include work, family, church, and other commitments. We know that finishing an education that had been started years ago has obstacles and we are excited to walk alongside adult students and help them clear the path toward reaching their goals.

The Degree Completion Program at ACU is designed to provide working adults, who already have some college credit but have not yet attained a bachelor’s degree, with the knowledge and essential skills for use in the marketplace as well as in ministry. All of the courses are taught within a collaborative Christian community of learning referred to as a cohort. This cohort program includes coursework from a broad range of business related disciplines and biblical studies to encourages the application of learning to real-life personal and professional development. Classes meet in the evening which allows students to work toward their degree even if they are employed full time.

Within the cohort, members form strong relationships as the participants start the program and graduate at the same time. Students enjoy the collaborative learning that takes place within the group. The format helps students succeed because each cohort becomes a tight knit community in which students share their learning experiences and faculty members can plan and teach in ways that provide and reinforce strong links between lectures, assignments and courses.

Because the format encourages student interaction and provides a strong sense of community and belonging, cohorts typically result in higher on-time graduation rates. The supportive relationships formed between cohort students – as well as between students and professors – typically evolve into mutually beneficial professional networks spanning continents and decades.

The start of this semester marks the beginning of the first two cohorts majoring in either Business Administration or Behavioral Health. The next two cohorts working toward degrees in Christian Ministries or Behavioral Health will begin on May 22, 2014.

Students can enroll in the next cohort and gain essential skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. These are often abilities that employers are looking for. They will also gain career-specific knowledge to help them apply these skills in a way that is unique to their specific employment needs.

Arizona Christian University is committed to helping students successfully complete their college degree. If you are interested in advancing your education to seek a promotion at work, retool for new employment or finish an unrealized goal, contact Lisa Beaman, Assistant Director of Degree Completion Program at 602-386-4118 and experience a one-stop admissions process. Find out how you can finish your degree in as little as 20 months by attending our accelerated and affordable classes only one night a week.

The desire to finish what you started years ago is now within your reach!

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