As the busy travel season comes to an end for the Admissions office at ACU I want to reflect on the experiences I had while promoting our school to prospective students. Working in the Admissions office at Arizona Christian University gives me the unique opportunity to meet with a wide-range of Christian high school students. It is our job to go out and recruit the high school students who would be a good fit for ACU. We do this by attending college fairs, going on high school visits, and also hosting visit days on our campus.

The fall is the busiest season of the year.  For most high school seniors, this is the time when they will make their final decisions of which school they want to apply to.  Many students apply to one or more schools before they make their final decision on which one they will attend.  For me, this busy fall recruiting season included a trip to Portland, Oregon.

I grew up in Portland and moved out to Phoenix after I graduated from college.  I do miss aspects of the Northwest, but one thing I definitely do not miss is the rain! I really enjoy living in Phoenix where there are usually 300 days of sunshine a year. But I always love going on out-of-state recruiting trips, especially when they are to my hometown.  One of the best things about going on a recruiting trip, other than meeting with students who are on fire for the Lord, is being able to promote a school that I love and believe in.

On my trip to Portland I had a chance to speak with a graduate of Arizona Christian University.  He is now a Bible teacher at a small Christian school outside of Portland.  He told me about his time as a student at then Southwestern Bible College.  It was so great to hear about some of his experiences and the passion he still has for ACU.  He understands the importance of a Christian education and promotes that to his students.  Throughout the years he has encouraged students to join the ACU community.  We currently have three students from that small Christian School outside of Portland, and because of that passionate bible teacher, I am certain we will have more in the future.